I pressed my palm on a new boob today. I did it in a simple flowing gesture. For a brief, sizing, moment.

The boob owner couldn’t swallow the gesture, so she just kept talking away.

When I told the husband about it, he guessed correctly, “small boob?”



After looking at a Bang-Olufsen Catalogue, I asked the husband "What kind of job would make a person have everything in this life?"

Husband said, "Drug dealing, corruption, money laundering, withholding zakah, Jewish-style business making, to name a few."

I said, "So the question to that question is actually, do you really WANT everything in this life?"

One Hundred Books in A Year: 17 Lessons Learned

Pexel 1.      Readers will read. Regardless to format or income or legality.   2.      Something to remember: The Prophet was illit...