35 Stuff

1. I’m 100% Indonesian

2. I just a Saudi citizenship

3. I’ve been to 19 countries; at least 40 cities

4. Between those travels, I lived in Jeddah for 22 years, in Amman for 3 years, in Aceh for a year, and I'm now residing in Central Java.

5. I travel so much that I can build a nest anywhere

6. I converse in three languages, and curse in 5 others. Do you wanna know?

7. I love food and - of course - I’m fat!

8. I can't be bothered about appearances, so you don't worry about trying to impress me, I already am!

9. I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old, and my diary was my best friend since

10. My other best friend is the cigarette, but it's a one sided love, I know.

11. I love cats and dogs.

12. I'm a great therapeutic masseuse, ask anyone I've massaged

13. I used to love to booze and funny-cigarettes, but the Timekeeper told me that I can't do that anymore

14. Oh yeah, and from March 2008, he took me under his wing, so that I don't get lost anymore

15. I have a rocky relationship with my mother.

16. Which is my explanation why I have a strange self-image.

17. I think romantic love is overrated, just like everything else in life

18. My friends ask me about sex & relationship, and my advice works like wonders, just not for me.

19. For a long time, I confused sex with love

20. I used to think that I'm bisexual, then I found out the hard way that I'm not.

21. I think homosexuality should be as sublime as heterosexuality, but it's fun to tell until it's embarrassing to know

22. I think that world moves on two purposes: satisfying the stomach, and what's below it.

23. I'm always right until proven wrong

24. I don't have a plan, so don't ask

25. I'm not in a rush, so don't tell me about biological clocks.

26. I love physical activity, as much as it scares me to ache.

27. I try everything, at least once!

28. I like people, seriously, the more I know is the better I feel about myself

29. I’m comfortable with what I don’t know

30. Freedom and money and long-term commitments scare me

31. I’m very proud of my siblings and cousins

32. I'm well-aware of my neurotic tendencies; that I’m self-centered and egoistical, but the Timekeeper doesn't mind

33. I'm nice to hang-out with as long that you don't bring textbooks

34. I love stories, so tell me some

35. I think you're my best friend, otherwise you wouldn't read all of this narcissistic garbage

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