Girl's Days Off

Being a good Muslim girl, you look forward to the days when you can take a few days of fasting breaks during Ramadhan, right?

Oh, don't give me the face. I know you've been checking that calendar every day since Ramadhan started, and not just to make sure that Eid is (still) on the 10th of September this year. You look forward to the day when your time of the month is supposed to come. You look forward to having that lunch, and the afternoon tea, and the cigarettes in between. Smack in broad daytime Ramadhan.

Especially if you want the whole world to know that you're going through THAT TIME OF THE MONTH.

No? Yeah, I thought so.

So even if you have the legal excuse not to fast, you act it anyways. You don't eat or drink or smoke, just like everybody else during Ramadhan. Just to respect everybody's feelings. And to keep your bodily functions private.

I say, it's your day off. Have that cigarette and lunch and tea. Add your family iftars too. You'll be on your own when everybody else's Ramadhan is done and you have to skip the last lunches before NEXT YEAR'S Ramadhan because you had to make up for the ones you missed this year.

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