I can't get over it...I've repeated this for the umpteenth time, and i'm
just gonna repeat it again now. So there.
I'm so proud.

So very proud.

>From: "anggi makki" < Anggi@*****.com>
>To: Hning@xxxxxxx.com
>Subject: kita di koran
>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 11:12:39 +0000
>ini kitA mba di koran :) makasih ya mba. mba ya2 ati2 disitu.baca ayat
>kuris kmn2. love you mba :)

"This is us on the newspaper. Thanks sis.
Take care of yourself. Always read Ayat al-Kursi.
Love you, "

One Hundred Books in A Year: 17 Lessons Learned

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