32-Hours Before Meulaboh, Aceh

MovieMan (MM) : You’re going to Aceh?

Hning (Me) : yup. Tomorrow to Medan, next morning to Meulaboh, Aceh.

MM : What for?

Me : Work. Why?

MM : who are you going with?

Me : Alone. Why should anyone accompany me to work?

MM : Because this is Aceh we’re talking about.

Me : *turns whiny and annoyed* It's just Aceeeh! just for 5 mooooonths!!! 5 months ain’t that LONG!!

MM : not for the people who’re dead worried about you.

MM : why do u wanna teach there anyways?

Me : Why should I wanna work at all???

MM : Just asking. What are you gonna teach there?

Me : I’ll be teaching KamaSutra there.

Me : Whatchu think I gonna be teaching there? I’m only good at two things: bullshit and the languages I know.

MM : Did anyone talk you into this?

Me : not sure. Maybe. But if you’re gonna blame anyone, you’re gonna be blaming everyone. The elders, the friends, the books, the internet, the education…the list doesn’t stop. But the thing you have to remember is that NOBODY made this decision for me.

MM : hmm

MM : what are you trying to achieve by doing this?

Me : hmm...new experiences,

Me : proving to myself that I really can survive out there parental support.

Me : you know...growing up!!

Me : remember that? growing up? Becoming an adult? I’ve seen friends in my age doing things scarier than just living in Aceh for five months. That fills me with shame.

Me : I’m 25, man, it’s way about time that I start standing up for my self.

Me : when Mama was 25, she already had two kids, living in Saudi, all by herself, with no mama or anyone else keeping her back. You think I don’t look up to that?

Me : Why can’t I do just this Aceh thing?

MM : Mashallah, I admire your thoughts. I needed to make sure that you really wanna do this.

MM : but here’s what I think you should…no, must do: NOT GO TO ACEH. SIT AT HOME.

MM : Get it?

MM : just kidding

Me : I know everyone's worried

Me : you think I’m not freaked out about it too?

MM : just be extra, extra, extra, extra, careful, okay?

MM : and don’t do anything stupid, okay?

Me : Stupider than everything else I’ve done with my life so far? hehehe...

MM : keep your mobile active at all times. Okay?

Me : Yessir.

Me : Bro, save this chat log...and read it again every time someone asks you why your sister's so crazy about going to Aceh.

(… And if I die there, you don’t blame anyone but me…)


Brain cannot function on poetic/aesthetic level.

Will be flying to Meulaboh, Aceh, on Monday.

Will work as English/Bahasa teacher there for 5 months.

Hoping self will not get too fucked from stress of moving.

Recently been so busy spending every damn dime owned on everything that might be needed to survive living there.

Feeling happy, panicky, excited, freaked out, and scared shitless about the move.

It sure feels like the last minutes before Imsak.

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