I regret
أنا نادمة
Aku menyesal

And in three languages I admit that; for every heavenly and earthbound scale that I know of has failed to measure its intensity.
و بثلاث لغات اعترف بندمي لأنني بكل الأبعاد السماوية و الأرضية فشلت عن قياس مداها.
Dan dalam tiga bahasa kuakui itu karena semua timbangan di langit maupun di bumi yang kukenal telah gagal mengukurnya.

Have you ever felt like that?

Untukmu yang tak tercapai.
For you, whom I can no longer reach.
لأجل من خرج عن نطاق جناحي

Packing and moving a year's worth of belongings
= U$D 200

Packing and hauling self from Aceh to Jakarta, via Meulaboh
= U$D 200

Food, beverages and motion sickness pills
= U$D 50

Seeing mom pick up her head and look at me the way I've been waiting for the last seven-or-so-years
= GawddamnFuckingPRICELESS!!!

THAT's why it's Jeddah again in the cards, Bee.
Because I think I'm tired enough now. To sit.
For a good while.

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