This is the kind of behavior that would stir His Royal Majesty King Shreedip’s violent disapproval had he seen it executed under his watch.
WARNING: Disturbing images ahead. Under no circumstances should you or anyone else try to inflict the same reputation and safety risks below.

Sitting in pickup truck tub in the middle of the day, for thirty minutes, from a place called Alue Raya to Meulaboh.

[Yes, Alue Raya and Meulaboh are still in Aceh.]
[Yes, Aceh is still in Indonesia.]
[And yes, Sumatra and Bali Islands are parts of Indonesia too.]

Heck, if my entire life were to be spent on rebelling against everything common and normal, this was just one of those quirks that I JUST HAD TO DO.

Okay, so new my job occasionally raises questions on safety regulations (among other questionable things). But it’s not the worst job in the world, really.

I get to implement my dirty ideas on changing attitudes on village communities, and then watch how these ideas affect the lives of others.

I don’t really need verbal languages to enjoy this job, but some local words might help in setting the ground rules on the games that we play,
(…child…play…do you remember the last time you played as a child?)

Actually huge part of my working hours is spent on planning and playing games with a LOT of children.

[Yeah, children; children of conflict, of colossal natural disasters, children with a lot of issues, children who might grow up becoming like me…]

You know,
I don’t really know about other people’s children or childhood,
I don’t know if this job is worthwhile or doing any good in improving the life qualities of our tiny little beneficiaries,
I don’t even know if this job is doing anything else other than making me lose weight and develop an uncomely skin tan.

(I can feel my arms and thighs and stomach muscle tighten, I can feel my lungs open wider with every inhale, and my skin, now as dark as skin should be in the summer)

What I do know is that nowadays, ever since I started doing this job, I’ve been able to crash in my sponge-bed and fall into some serious deep sleep without the help of booze or my funny-little-bit-illegal cigarettes.

Now, that's worthwhile...


What Makes The World Go Round

He said this in a matter-of-factly tone, “The company that was sponsoring you has folded, so basically you’re an illegal alien here,”

My voice trembled, “What am I supposed to do?”

“Don’t cry, it’s alright, I’ll cover for you until your current working visa actually expires. But make sure you have a new sponsor by Eid,”

“Isn’t there an easier way to do this?”

“Marry an Indonesian,” he rolled his eyes, “or have so much money to buy the Indonesian Law.”

You see,  some currencies are so universal that you can count on and use them anywhere.

One Hundred Books in A Year: 17 Lessons Learned

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