How to Read 9 Books in a Year: 10 Minutes Daily (No Speed-reading required)

Why does it take so long to finish a book?
The most common answer I get is “Distraction”.

Why do we get distracted? 
Mostly because we think that other things are more gratifying than reading. 
    • Other things such as social media, cooking, TV, miumiuing.
Compared to the shallow instantaneous gratification we get from the things that distract us, trying to finish a book seems too big an investment to make.

What if the gratification from the time spent on reading equals the gratification we get from being on social media? What if it's even better?

How 10 minutes are enough

For example, let’s take Harry Potter’s the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • The whole novel’s length is around 78’000 words.
  • Assume that your speeding read is 200 wpm.
  • Say that you only have 10 minutes/day to read.
  • In 10 minutes, you would have read 2000 words.
Which means that by reading for 10 minutes every day, the Philosopher’s Stone would take 39 days to finish. 

How to Read 9 Books in a Year
  • Let’s say that reading a book takes 40 days to finish.
  • Say that we divide the year into 40-days blocks, one book for every 40 days. 
    • 365 days ÷ 40 days = 9.125 books
  • By the end of the year, you’d have read at least 9 books.
Nine stories, man. 

You know what it's like to finish reading 9 novels?

It’s like having 9 extra lives added into your frame of mind. Like having 9 loyal friends to accompany and advise and feel you. These friends will always be with you, regardless to internet connection and popularity.

Better than getting likes on Facebook, the pleasure we get from reading a good fiction novel is constant.

And you don’t even have to be nice to them. You only need to turn off the internet for 10 minutes every day. (Dare you?)

Need to get gratified quick? 

Here's a list of famous novels organized by word count (a lot are shorter than the Philosopher’s Stone).

Go ahead, read the shortest ones and finish fast. See how you'll like it.

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2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
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